Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Nuffnang & Churp-Churp said if U Never See Grapevine Ads

Assalamualaikum~ sebelum tu, jangan lupa tengok something kat SINI.

Sekarang kan sangat heboh dengan GRAPEVINE, extension ads in skyscrapper ads. So, mesti ramai tertanya-tanya, how to get grapevine ads or dalam bahasa melayu, macam mana nak dapat/tengok iklan grapevine?.

internet problem ke? location problem ke? or lain-lain? sebenarnya, cerita dia macam ni. dengar apa kata nuffnang dan churp-churp.

cheq takda ada problem pom, cuba tengok earning cheq dalam masa dua hari.

Hi ,

As shared in Nuffnang blog entry, Grapevine is a revolutionary new extension to the Nuffnang Skyscraper ad unit, which allows you to share great news on your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and others. However, kindly be informed that the Grapevine extension will only appear on selected CPC/CPM campaigns that the Advertisers have agreed to purchase. Perhaps the Advertisers did not purchase any Grapevine extension for the campaigns that you have been receiving. As such, no Grapevine extension will appear at your Skyscaper ad.

Hope this helps!
Blogger Relations
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd


You should be able to view Grapevine ads. However, do note, Grapevine ads are on targeted blogs with skyscraper banner ad.

Hope this helps!
User Relations Department


2 kritikan:

mas saari said...

alaaaaaaaaa...tak guna nuffnang dah!
tapi churp2 still ada lagi..

trigyy said...

@mas saari

eh, takpa2x.. diorang tak kisah pom..

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