Thursday, April 29, 2010

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.: to split long post :.

today, trigyy want to teach you all how to split our long post...

like this:

 actually, it is easy to do that,

when you want to make a post,
go to Edit HTML
and add '' like below:
add that coding at any part you want

 you will see a long line in Compose mode like this:
if you didn't get straight line in compose mode, just ignored it... 
you may proceed to publish this post,
you will noticed that, your post will cut by 'See More'..
it means that, it work!

but to make advance your split link,
to change 'See More' with another wording,
go to edit layout
click Edit button at Blog Posts
like below:

now, you can change that link
depend on your creativity:

lastly, you will get that link in your post like below:

enjoy it~
try the best~


2 kritikan:

Mat Jay said...

owhhhh... baru ku tahu... yeah!

eDie said...

klu xjadi, bgtaw la yea..

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